Notes on Survival


Quantum Mysticism: The idea of quantum mysticism appears came from mainstream thinker’s efforts to identify people who are trying to use quantum theory to explain the existence of psi and survival of sentient consciousness. The threshold for pseudoscience is whatever mainstream thinkers says it is, and quantum mysticism is used as a synonym.

Types of Consciousness

A part of the communications problem amongst scientists and laypeople alike is the meaning of consciousness. Let’s say there are three dominant meanings:
1. Local Biological Consciousness: This is the hard problem which is based on the assumption that the physical is all there is and consciousness is a product of some still unknown biological process. This version of consciousness ceases to exist at death of the body. The organism produces consciousness. Point of view: Normalists; Anomalistic Psychology.
2. Nonlocal Biological Consciousness: This is the same as Local Biological Consciousness but extends outside of the body into the psi field. This consciousness ceases to exist at death, but memory traces continues to exist indefinitely. Here, nonlocal means here is everywhere. The organism produces consciousness. Point of view: Psi+ Normalists; Exceptional Experiences Psychology.
3. Nonlocal, Non-Biological Consciousness: Consciousness is a sentient, self-aware life form which coexists with the organism during a physical lifetime experience. It existed before the organism and exists after the organism dies. It is native to the psi field. Here, nonlocal means everywhere is here. Point of view: Dualists; Etheric Studies; Survival Studies.
There are three theories modeling the evolution for consciousness:
a. Biological Evolution: As a biological product, consciousness evolved with the organism. Point of view: Normalists; Anomalistic Psychology.
b. Survived Biological Evolution: As a biological product, consciousness evolved with the organism, but as a survived form of consciousness which has evolved alongside the organism. See Ron Pearson’s Survival Physics. Michael Roll often writes about Pearson’s theory. To be clear, this is physically evolved consciousness. The arrow of creation for consciousness points parallel with the arrow of biological creation. Point of view: Psi+ Normalists; Exceptional Experiences Psychology.
c. Etheric Origin of Consciousness: Consciousness originated with the Source of reality. The physical is an expression of this source by way of consciousness. The model in Your Immortal Self is my attempt to make sense of this concept. The arrow of creation points from Source to the present physical expression. Point of view: Dualists; anyone who thinks long dead Uncle John is still alive.
When mainstream academics speak of consciousness, they are referring to 1a. Most Normalist parapsychologists refer to 2a. Most Psi+ Normalist parapsychologists refer to 2b. Most layperson paranormalists refer to 3c.
Sometimes I have to read an entire article, and maybe a few references, to understand which of the survival concepts is being referenced. The most difficult to distinguish is the Pearson-like survival theories, as the terminology is so similar to that used for immortal self (3c). The litmus test for me is whether, in a theory, consciousness is said to precede this lifetime and continue after in a sentient form, and if it is said to have had an etheric (nonphysical) origin.
As a general (but probably always true) statement, people discussing survival in the context of quantum theory are referring to 1a, 1b or 2a, 2b.