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This section is concerned with the major issues that the community concerned with the frontier subject must confront if it is to achieve mainstream status. By “community” I intend the people who are interested in things paranormal and people who are actively involved in the study of parapsychology, psychical research, hauntings investigations, survival and transcommunication.

Believe what you wish but know the implications of what you believe

Many of you know that I have spent time as a Wikipedia editor attempting to have some influence on how frontier subjects are treated there. As it is, the dominant group of editors are very skeptical and I have been unsuccessful in introducing any balance. In fact, I am banned from the Rupert Sheldrake biography article. Uncontested, the skeptical editors have been able to insert a negative bias in virtually every article concerned with the paranormal, including articles about those who study paranormal subjects. This matters because so many people trust Wikipedia without question.

Since it is unlikely paranormalists will be able to balance Wikipedia articles, the alternative is to take our story directly to the public via publications and more balanced websites. However, as it happens, paranormalists have proven to be reluctant to assume the necessary aggressive attitude required to effectively counter the skeptical propaganda. Perhaps there is also a problem of complacency.

The privilege to openly study these phenomena is not guaranteed. Current suppression in some countries today, and even the history of Western culture shows that small special interest groups are capable of turning an entire society against particular classes of citizens. Paranormalists are one of those vulnerable groups and the Skeptical Community is actively trying to turn society toward thinking paranormalist ideas are dangerous to society.

If you conduct an Internet search of Pseudoscience, you will find page after page of skeptical articles condemning paranormal subjects and those who study them. They have been effective because today, several countries, including the USA, considers pseudoscience a clear and present danger to scientific progress. The result has been virtually no funding for research and rapid condemnation of academics who are brave enough to study anything paranormal unless they are seeking to understand the nature of the “paranormalist mental illness.”

This growing suppression can be countered by a well-organized and paranormalist community speaking well-considered arguments for why the skeptics are wrong and why knowing about things paranormal is important to society. However, for such articles to be effective, they need to show up on the first page of Internet searches. That can only happen if people link to them. So if you have a website, please consider establishing an information page for your visitors and add links on it to articles around the Internet you believe are important for public information.

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As always, I am interested in your comments and suggestions.

Tom Butler

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