Are These Explanations For You?

Before getting very far into the Implicit Cosmology Series of Essays, it may be good to make sure you really want to be here. These essays may be more technical than is necessary for your understanding of things paranormal. So, please consider that other sources might be better for you.

Generally speaking, there are two versions of how Trans-survival works. One is the simple acceptance that these phenomena are real. The second is the systematic approach that considers research, theory and evidence to provide an understanding that these phenomena are real and why this is thought to be so. Both approaches to understanding these phenomena work. Which is right for you depends more on how a you need to learn.

Again generally speaking, in our culture, there are at least three different approaches to the systematic approach to understanding survival:

  1. Religion offers a more spiritual approach but requires considerable faith. It offers little detail and little instruction on how to work with these phenomena. If you want to be told what to do, what is right and wrong and how to pray, then religion is right for you.

  2. New Age School, as it is a culture and not a group, but the community supports numerous schools and people teaching various forms of self improvement. Many of these include how to work with these phenomena, although usually using a different term. One need not know the details as to why something works in order to practice the techniques.
    The only problem with this approach is that there are few roadmaps as to what to learn and there are no useful Better Business Bureau-style means for protecting you from dead-ends and silly theories.

  3. The ancient wisdom schools offer a more technical approach that requires considerable personal initiative. The Tarot for instance, represents a cycle of progression where The Fool as a naïve seeker (Key 0) at the beginning of the cycle is also The Fool as the master who is still learning at the end of a cycle. And of course, the cycles go on forever.
    If you are analytical by nature, these ancient wisdom schools Seeking is a life-long process no matter how you learn, but it is good that these schools tend to provide different ways of learning so that you need not shop around.

All three teach essentially the same concepts, but from different point of view. Each has a place in our society because not everyone works well with faith only or complex lessons.

The approach offered here is more technical. You might consider it a modern version of the ancient wisdom schools. So, assuming you want more than faith but are not inclined to study a lot, perhaps the middle way is represented in the Mindfulness essay. If you try to understand any part of this cosmology, at least try to understand that essay.

If you wish to continue here, go to the Implicit Cosmology essay and use the included list of essays as a study guide. A book compiling all of these essays into a single view is being developed. Look for news of about its release date on this website. Hopefully, that will be in 2015.

You might also find the growing number of essays on this website concerned with how these concepts relate to our daily living. look for them on menu tabs other than Concepts