Research in mainstream fields of study depends mostly on a qualified scientist and sufficient funding. For mainstream scientists, the research infrastructure–universities, test subjects if needed, publications and training–can be assumed. In most cases, none of this is true of frontier subjects. Assuming there is funding for research and a viable research question, where does one find qualified researchers if none are being trained in the university system? Who are the test subjects? Where does one find a peer-reviewed journal willing to address the frontier subject?

In our current circumstance, the paranormalist community must develop these resources “in house.” Even more to the point, psi research is reasonably well supported in the parapsychological part of our community. It is the survival aspect of these paranormal phenomena which we in the lay-community are left to support on our alone. Here are a few resources which all of us might cooperate to develop.

Cooperative Community

Learning to express yourself means being able to assimilate information in a form which you can then express to others. It is the process of integrating information into your worldview so that it can be tested that produces understanding. Expressing understanding to others is the foundation concept of a cooperative community.

Here, you will find a wide variety of resources intended to help cultivate a cooperative community.

Community Search Tool

As the blogs, wikis and aggregator websites dedicated to things paranormal increase in number, there is a need to find better ways of discovering who is saying what about paranormal subject. The Search Paranormal Community button in the right column will take you to a page where you will be able to enter a search string for a dedicated Google search. The list of websites on that page are addressed in the search.


The journals publishing articles concerned with transcommunication and survival of consciousness I am most aware of are:

ATransC Online Journal

Published by Association TransCommunication (ATransC). This is an online journal intended to be available to publish research reports for anyone in this field of study who meets minimum requirements. I am currently the Journal editor. The Journal is expected to evolve into a peer-reviewed journal in which “peers” are subject matter specialists. See: Peer Reviewed Online Journals and Peer Review or Vetting?

ITC Journal

Published by long-time ITC researcher, Anabela Cardoso, Spain. This is not a peer-reviewed journal, but Anabela maintains a high standard for evidence. There is no online archive.

Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

Published by the Society for Psychical Research. This is a peer-reviewed journal with a member’s only online archive. It is noteworthy that some articles especially important to transcommunication do not seem to have made it to the archive. Peer-review is behind close doors. It appears that only doctorates are reviewers.

Journal of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies

Published by the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc. This is an excellent source that often includes survival-related articles.  This is not a peer-reviewed journal and it has no online archive.

Journal of Scientific Exploration

Published by the Society for Scientific Exploration. This is a peer-reviewed journal. Peer-review is behind close doors. It appears that only doctorates are reviewers. This is also the journal that has proven indifferent bordering on hostile toward survival subjects and which has published three “Failure to replicate” studies, indicating disapproval of ITC. This is the only peer-reviewed journal that maintains an online, publicly accessible archive.
trojan-horseTrojan Horse Alert: It is noteworthy that some articles especially important to transcommunication do not seem to have made it to the archive. Peer-review is behind close doors and it appears that only doctorates are reviewers. Since they are anonymous, the reader has no way of knowing if an article has really been peer reviewed or if the reviewers were qualified to vet a  document on that subject. See: Failure to Replicate, EVPmaker Study and Debunking Survival Under Cover of False Scientific Authority.

There are others, such as the Journal of Parapsychology published by the Parapsychological Association, but they tend to be closed to our field of study. The archives, when they exist, are hidden behind academic library paywalls.

Because of the scarcity of reputable publications, it is likely that the path of least resistance for our community to develop a vetted publication with visibility to the public is to “grow” one internally.


I am often asked to recommend a good book for ITC. There are numerous historical books, and many first person accounts. Some are even useful, but all teach about these phenomena from perspectives that are in one way or another contrary to the Implicit Cosmology.no_dead_cover_button

I have made every effort in and to provide the information that I am able to recommend to you. Certainly, you can find what you are looking for here or in the provided links. If you have questions, please feel free to ask, either via the contact tool at the bottom of each page or in the Idea Exchange.

There is No Death and There are No Dead was written by Lisa and me as an introduction to EVP. While it is a little out of date, it remains our top recommendation.

Your Immortal SelfYour_Immortal_Self_cover was written by me as a study guide for people who are serious about learning about and working with these phenomena. If you ask me a question about these phenomena, my answer will be couched in terms of the Implicit Cosmology described in that book.