Ever Wonder Why Hitler Had So Many Willing Followers?

It is easy for Trump supporters to pronounce with authority that the media is attacking Trump with fake news. “No, they aren’t” is not a useful retort. In fact, if the person believes that in the first place, there is little that can be said in a brief reply. Soundbites are not easily responded to with logical arguments. The only solution I know is to become informed and at least have a sense of what to believe. So long as we have the vote, let them stew in their own fears.

In “Why The GOP Has Followed Trump Off The Deep End” Richard North Patterson has provided an excellent overview of the issues I try to remember when confronted by a Trump supporter. Patterson uses a little stronger wording than I like, but I am in agreement with virtually everything he says. The most important message is that there is not just one agenda represented by Trump supporters. The common thread seems to be what the author refers to as “instinctive authoritarianism.” In other words, thinking it is okay to impose their will on others in the name of whatever cause they support.

From: Patterson, Richard North. “Why The GOP Has Followed Trump Off The Deep End.” HuffPost. 02/02/2018.


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