The Implicit Cosmology is concerned with the nature of reality. To provide a initial condition and boundaries, a first cause is proposed much as the “Big Bang” offers an initial condition and first cause for the physical universe.


Source is used in the Implicit Cosmology as the name for the initial cause of reality. This is the same concept as God, First Cause, Infinite Intelligence and Creator Personality. In this hypothesis, Source is credited with the same attributes identified with life fields including self-determination, point of view, purpose and an urge to understand local reality.

Functional-Areas-of-a-Life-FieldSource is not a father god. What little is known about the concept indicates that personalities (who we really are) are aspects of the prime life fractal. In the concept of aspectation, it is likely that personalities experiencing a lifetime in the physical are many times removed from the source by nested rounds of aspectation.

As a practical matter, the personality, for which a human is an avatar, would be sufficiently god-like from a physical person’s perspective to be the source of religions and myths. The idea of an ethereal being sometimes mentioned in New Age literature likely originates from occasional periods of lucidity.

Source is considered a singularity, and as the top life field, it can be modeled as the reality field. With life field as a fractal, Source is the top fractal.

Using the  morphic field. model as an example, the reality field is an organizing field which includes the intelligence core which is the Source personality. As a device to establish a place in which to model the etheric aspect of a person, Source is presumed to be curious about its nature. That curiosity is translated into a top venue for learning (ideoplastic structure), aspects of Source to explore the venue and organizing principles to bound that exploration.

The cosmology does not attempt to address where Source came from. Obviously this is a model based on a very local point of view; however, there is precedence: Even with the Big Bang Theory so favored by mainstream science, there must have been a source for the initial event. The approach taken here is to give observed process, such as seeking increased understanding, and an observed characteristic, such as perceptual agreement, a context that helps to make sense of a necessarily complex idea.

ProgressionIn bottoms up fashion, the model for Source is the relationship between personality and its avatar. (See: the Comparing Personality-Body Models essay) As such, Source is assumed to have the characteristics of curiosity and intention. In the same way that a person creates personal reality, the source is hypothesized to have created aspects of itself to explore its space; its local reality. As it is speculated for a personality as the intelligent agent in life fractals and formative field, the new space resulting from this initial aspectation would be a subset of what the source believes reality to be. (Based on Source’s worldview?)

As shown in the diagram for progression, the initial expression is thought to have been a relatively naive and uncomplicated expression of Source’s actual nature. Personalities resulting from the aspectation would be relatively immature in their understanding of reality; however, subsequent aspectations would be based on increasingly correct understanding of the nature of reality (the actual nature of the Source).

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