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Activism and Opinion


Believe what you wish but know what you believe

Your worldview is the filter through which you pass all of your experiences and which determines how you experience every aspect of your life. It is the product of what you have been taught by your family, community, church and schools. You should know by now that belief without understanding is simply prejudice and acceptance without rational reason is simply religion.

A rationally mature person is one who has learned to assume personal responsibility for his or her worldview and the consequences of actions based on that understanding. Know what is in your worldview and how it influences your life. See the essay: Mindfulness


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Critiquing ITC Articles by Imants Barušs

Being an Etheric Studies Activist

Concerns with Wikipedia

The Anti-Sheldrake Phenomena

Critique and the Trojan Horse Websites      Revised

What is Being Said by the Parapsychological Association

What is Being Said in Wikipedia

Bullying amongst Wikipedia editors? Part 1

Bullying amongst Wikipedia editors? Part 2

Quotes From people Who Should Know better

Wikipedia: Arbitration - Fringe Science

Wikipedia: Arbitration - Paranormal

Wikipedia: Arbitration - Pseudoscience

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The Wikipedia Battle for Rupert Sheldrake’s Biography


Different points of view

Have you ever tried to explain what you believe about things paranormal to someone, only to discover the person is a hard-core nonbeliever? If not, sooner or later you will if you stay in this field. The challenge is in having a sense of what people are willing to have an open mind about and what will simply turn them away. For instance, I have found that very conservative people who scoff at things paranormal are sometimes open to the idea of remote viewing, and might even take courses to learn. Yes, remote viewing is simply clairvoyance with as purpose, but it has a more pragmatic history and was studied by the Federal Government. A person who is convinced that anything paranormal is just wistful thinking might be more open to the idea of studying the paranormal if you appeal to the practical view.

This section is intended to examine current thought pro and con about the subjects associated with etheric studies with the intention of identifying key objections and their counter arguments. I cannot tell you how to talk about these subjects. You must develop your own voice based on your understanding. By reading these articles, I hope you will discover the raw stuff for your point of view.

Please note that some of these articles are rather argumentative. It is not my intention to attack people expressing a contrary view, but I do sometimes need to point out the relevance of their qualifications. One of the reasons these articles are not in is that we do not wish to have ATransC seen as an argumentative organization. Still, please contact me here if you feel that I have been unfair or too strident in my comments.


On fear

It is one thing to say that you have control of your worldview but quite a different thing to actually have control. Being in the human condition puts us at a disadvantage for expressing who we really are. The world we live in is constantly impressing our perception, easily smuggling minor beliefs into our worldview which can grow into full-grown actionable personality changes.

When people come to us asking for help with a fearful experience, one of the few tools we have to help is the idea of changing one's inner dialogue. For instance, as a rule, the only difference between a gremlin growling in the corner and an elf sitting on a shelf, keeping note on whether Junior is naughty or nice for Santa, is point of view. The root sense is that there is a invisible presence. It is the worldview that cloths the presence in good or evil, so changing the dialogue away from evil to Santa is a good start.

The lesson is that we simply discount the concept of evil. In fact, we have no empirical or research evidence that evil entities in the biblical sense exist. Yes, we see evidence of people behaving badly, even people in an evil frame of mind, but that is not the same at all. Once a person attributes "evil" to an invisible presence, the person surrenders all authority over his or her world when the sensed presence may be a loved one come to say hello. In the same way, a person seemingly possessed by an evil spirit more likely has a chemical imbalance and is acting out based on biblical stories or a movie.

Thank the media and our religious leaders for the power "evil" has in our worldview.

Terry Pratchett has a good take on evil:

Terry Pratchett “I don't hold with paddlin' with the occult," said Granny firmly. "Once you start paddlin' with the occult you start believing in spirits, and when you start believing in spirits you start believing in demons, and then before you know where you are you're believing in gods. And then you're in trouble."

"But all them things exist," said Nanny Ogg.

"That's no call to go around believing in them. It only encourages 'em.”

Lords and Ladies, a Discworld book by Terry Pratchett, HarperTorch; Reprint edition (August 23, 1996), ISBN-13: 978-0061056925 . Available at



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