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I am a co-director of the Association TransCommunication (ATransC). Because my personal opinions are sometimes more definite than what we would want to be seen as ATransC policy, it seems appropriate for me to establish some degree of separation so that I can be a little more candid.

As such, is my personal website. Everything you find here is my opinion which should be considered with great discernment.                                                   Tom


The Survival Hypothesis is often mentioned in parapsychology as an unlikely explanation for paranormal phenomena. Consideration of the reality of survival seldom includes the evidence offered by Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC).

The Trans-survival Hypothesis is my updates of the Survival Hypothesis based on lessons learned from ITC (including EVP).

The Implicit Cosmology is composed of a series of essays exploring the implications of the Trans-Survival Hypothesis. You will want to consider the essays as a system of thought and often refer to the Glossary of Terms. All are accessed via the Concepts tap above.

Visit the book’s dedicated page for access to the diagrams and examples used in the book–color for those of you who have the grayscale paperback. Corrections and useful comments are also on that page.

Almost all of my writing these days is in the form of essays focusing on how the Implicit Cosmology relates to important aspects of who we are and issues of daily living. Twenty-one essays have been compiled into a book that should be published in February 2018. My intention is to provide a more approachable way for people to learn about the concepts detailed in Your Immortal Self. As a companion book to Your Immortal Self: Exploring the Mindful Way, the working title is Exploring the Mindful Way.


You are invited to post on the ATransC Idea Exchange discussion board if you have questions and comments.

Essay Series on the Implicit Cosmology

Trans-Survival Hypothesis is a comprehensive explanation based on the generic survival hypothesis referred to in parapsychology. It includes guidance coming from the study of psi phenomena and lessons learned from transcommunication (Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), other forms of Instrumental transcommunication (ITC) and mediumship).

Implicit Cosmology has evolved from the consequences of survival: What might it mean if we are immortal beings. The objective is to give you a sense of your relationship to your physical body, your community, your immortal self and the greater reality which is your natural habitat.

In my mind, the most important step you can take in your personal progression is to understand the evolving understanding of our nature. These essays are intended to help you take that step.

The understanding you should be looking for in these essays include:

  1. Immortal self: As a person, you are an immortal self entangled with your human avatar for this lifetime.
  2. Personal responsibility: What you do now matters here and hereafter.
  3. We make our own reality: Your worldview (physical and spiritual instincts, culture and education) acts as a filter either rejecting or modifying incoming information according to what you think is true (personal reality as opposed to actual reality).
  4. Suspended judgment: It is difficult to change worldview once the worldview function has made a decision. However, the third option to the worldview filtering process is a maybe outcome which can modify worldview in small steps. Suspended judgment is a way to avoid locking in an agree or disagree decision.
  5. Lucidity: The only influence you have on worldview is the habitual expression of intention to align your thinking with the actual nature of reality. This is the purpose of mindfulness.
  6. Big Change: The one really big change in what you have been taught about things paranormal is that what you experience, paranormal or normal, is colored to agree with worldview (what you have been taught to expect). This especially applies to mental mediumship but it also applies to ITC.

Because much of this will be new to you, it is important that you make the effort to read the essays offered here. If you have questions, … and you should … please use the ATransC Idea Exchange. I am happy to work with you.

This is the recommended reading order.

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