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Your Immortal Self
Exploring the Mindful Way

Your_Immortal_Self_coverThe eBook form of Your Immortal Self is now available from your ePub book suppliers and for your Kindle book reader at Amazon. The paperback form is expected out in a few days.

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From the back of the book:

We Can Know the Nature of Reality

Our understanding of the nature of reality is undergoing an important shift from mostly supposition and belief to actionable facts based on important developments in parapsychology and transcommunication. This means the emergence of new tools which are helping us better understand our nature and the nature of the world we live in.

To be sure this shift involves theory and research, but it ultimately comes down to who we are and what we can become. The best way to describe this future paradigm is in terms of mindfulness and the middle way of mindful living. This is not the mindfulness of living in the moment based on the belief that we are our body. It is the mindfulness of experiencing life from the perspective of your immortal self.

This book is written to show you the evidence of survival and the implications of that evidence as an important model for future research. While your personal progression depends a lot on understanding the evidence, the community sharing your journey is equally important. To help you learn where to look for help, a comprehensive survey of our paranormalist community is included.

Mindfulness can lead to important growth in your ability to work with nature, to sense the subtle fields influencing your life and more confidently commune with your loved ones on the other side. But it is important to understand how this paradigm shift is changing our understanding of the phenomena of transcommunication and interconnectedness in our community. The last part of this book includes a comprehensive discussion of the phenomena, including EVP-ITC, healing intention and mediumship transcommunication phenomena.


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How to Use this Book


Introduction to this Book

Section I Implicit Cosmology

Introduction to Theory

Essay 1: Trans-survival Hypothesis

Essay 2: Introduction to the Implicit Cosmology

Essay 3: Organizing Principles

Essay 4: Source

Essay 5: Reality

Essay 6: Etheric Fields

Essay 7: Life Fields

Essay 8: Personality-centric Perspective

Essay 9: Perception and Expression

Essay 10: Perceptual Agreement

Essay 11: Mindfulness

Essay 12: Progression, Teaching and the Community

Essay 13: Cosmology of Imaginary Space

Section II Commentaries

Introduction to Community

Commentary 1: Community

Commentary 2: Point of View

Commentary 3: Etheric Studies

Commentary 4: Science

Commentary 5: Psi Research

Commentary 6: Skeptics

Commentary 7: Wikipedia

Commentary 8: Perspective

Section III Transcommunication

Transcommunication Introduction

Phenomena 1 Foundation Principles

Phenomena 2 The Nature of Transcommunication

Phenomena 3 Audio ITC a.k.a. EVP

Phenomena 4 Visual ITC

Phenomena 5 Artifacts and Perceptual Error

Phenomena 6 Mediumship

Phenomena 7 Healing Intention

Phenomena 8 Introduction to Best Practices

Phenomena 9 Best Practices: Classifying Phenomena

Phenomena 10 Best Practices: Witness Panel

Phenomena 11 Transcommunication Research

Closing Comments

Glossary of Terms


Index (paperback only)

Known Errors

Please let me know about errors you find so that I can prepare a second edition.

Errors fixed in January 2017 Update (not all listed)

  • Versus is spelled verses in the book.
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology reference is at 195, not 55. Error is on page 123.

Found since january 2017:

Pareidolia: A form of apophenia [424] (seeing patterns where there are none) in which the person finds meaning in images and sounds when there in is none.

Community – Trojan Horse Organization, Poorly managed Expectations (Page 227) It is anomalistic psychology, not anomalous psychology.

Discourse 3: Organizing Principles — Understanding. Second sentence: Experience becomes understanding as personality aligns personal reality with local reality. Should be: Experience becomes understanding as a person aligns personal reality with local reality.  Explanation: It is ultimately personality, but a person is personality entangled with a human and the perspective is from our conscious self. Conscious self is the source of intention to make changes based on the prime imperative to gain understanding inherited from personality.

List of Diagrams and Examples

(c)Shell-2005-woman-in-grandmas-back-yardApparition: Shell1 – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

(c)Shell-2005-girl-looking-in-windowApparition: Shell2 – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

Example-of-latencyArtifact: Moving Camera – Study 5: Artifacts and Perceptual Error

Expected-distribution-by-classClassification: Distribution – Study 9: Best Practices: Classifying Phenomena

Combined_visual_ITC_imagesClassification: Examples – Study 9: Best Practices: Classifying Phenomena

Type 1 and Type 2Classification: Perceived Objectivity – Study 9: Best Practices: Classifying Phenomena

complex_number_spaceComplex Number Space – Discourse 13: Cosmology of Imaginary Space

Compare InfluencesCompare Physical and Etheric Influences – Discourse 6 Etheric Fields

(cc)2006aaevp-concerns_with_wikipediaConcerns with Wikipedia – Commentary 7: Wikipedia

Physical-UniverseCosmology: Physical Only – Discourse 1: Trans-Survival Hypothesis

Super-Psi-HypothesisCosmology: Super-Psi Only – Discourse 1: Trans-Survival Hypothesis
Trans-Survival-HypothesisCosmology: Trans-Survival Hypothesis – Discourse 1: Trans-Survival Hypothesis

Face in EctoplasmEctoplasm Face of Conan Doyle – Discourse 1: Trans-Survival Hypothesis

FEG2010ectoplasmic handEctoplasm with Hand – Discourse 1: Trans-Survival Hypothesis

Code_of_EthicsEthics – Discourse 11: Mindfulness

(cc)aaevp2006-audacity_noise_levels_webEVP: Waveform – Study 3: Audio ITC a.k.a. EVP

Three FractalsFractals – Discourse 4: Source

Functional-Areas-of-a-Life-FieldFunctional Areas of a Life Field – Diagrams

Life-Field-ComplexFunctional Areas of a Life Field Complex – Diagrams

Basic_Functional_Areas_of_PerceptionFunctional Areas for Perception and Expression – Diagrams

HyperlucidityHyperlucidity – Discourse 11: Mindfulness

limits-of-understandingLimits of Understanding – Discourse 12: Progression, Teaching, Community

LucidityLucidity – Discourse 11: Mindfulness

MandelsetMandelbrot Set with Coordinates – Discourse 13: Cosmology of Imaginary Space

Mandelbrot Point CMandelbrot Set with Navigation – Discourse 13: Cosmology of Imaginary Space

MediumshipMediumship-aka Psi Sensing – Study 6: Mediumship

mind-to-mind2Mind-to-Mind – Study 6: Mediumship

remote-viewingMind-to-Mind Remote Viewing – Study 6: Mediumship

Orb on GeneOrb Over Gene – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

black-orbOrb, Black, Universal – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

002_(c)2005d-stationary_orbOrb, White with Tail – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

Organization_of_DocumentsOrganization of Cosmology Series – Discourse 2: Introduction to the Implicit Cosmology

Organizing-Morphic-FieldOrganizing Morphic Field – Discourse 6: Etheric Fields

Body_as_AvatarPersonality Models Immortal Personality – Commentary 2: Point of View

personality_body-modelPersonality Models Mind is Body – Commentary 2: Point of View

collective-modelPersonality Models Mind-Body Duality and Psi – Commentary 2: Point of View

Personality-TypesPersonality Styles with Astrological Signs – Discourse 8: Personality-Centric Perspective

Potential-FuturePotential Future – Discourse 6: Etheric Fields

(c)butler2010-hoyte_card_front-tomPrecipitated Art by Robinette – Discourse 1: Trans-Survival Hypothesis

(c)butler2010-hoyt-blavatskyPrecipitated Art: Madam Blavatsky – Discourse 1: Trans-Survival Hypothesis

ProgressionProgression – Discourse 2: Introduction to the Implicit Cosmology

Principle-of-AspectationPrinciple of Aspectation – Discourse 3: Organizing Principles

Range of InterestRange of Interest Relating to Acceptance of Survival Concepts – Commentary 1: Community

Visual Perception StudyResearch: Visual Perception Study – Study 11: Research

Scope of Etheric StudiesScope of Etheric Studies – Commentary 3: Etheric Studies

An apport received by the Felix Experimental Group (compared to a 2.5 inch candle).

Terms: Apports – Glossary

A column of ectoplasm in front of medium in the Felix Experimental Group circle.

Terms: Ectoplasm – Glossary

The hierarchical cosmology as described in the Hermetic Qabalah (as if a layer cake) works in conversation as a means of indicating here and relatively not here as one moves into other aspects of reality.

Terms: Hermetic Qabalah – Glossary

sierpinski_triangleTerms: Sierpinski Triangle  – Glossary

Film canister passing through the glass wall of an aquarium used as a “mini-lab.”
Picture from Real Communication? Report on a SORRAT letter-writing Experiment, Figure 3, Page 21, ( taken by I. Grattan-Guinness)

Terms: SORRAT – Glossary

Hermit-discourse11The Hermit – Discourse 11: Mindfulness

thehermit 2The Hermit – Commentary 8: Perspective

trojan-horseTrojan Horse – Commentary 4: Science

Sierra Exif JPEG

Water Technique: Elves – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

May 2011-047-kingWater Technique: King – Discourse 1: Trans-Survival Hypothesis

May 2011 Water Images 047 compositeWater Technique: King2 – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

(c)2006margaret_downey-grandfather_compositWater Technique: Grandfather – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWater Technique: Sauce Pan – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

(c)butler2004_bottle_drawingWater Technique: Soesman Technique – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

Butler_Alfonso Galeano_Babcock_Butler_ETVideo Loop: Alien – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

(c)2005aaevp-toms_fatherVideo Loop: Clayton – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

Composite example from visual testVideo Loop: Clown – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

Cow PlusVideo Loop: Cow – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

1(c)socrates2010-111609_18_contrastVideo Loop: Dog – Discourse 1: Trans-Survival Hypothesis

Video-Loop ITCVideo Loop Technique – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

butler_photoshop_screen_printVisual ITC: Chaotic Visual Noise in Video Frame – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

Face in TV from 10 95 Summit boy and TV onlyVisual ITC: Face on Turned Off TV1V – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

Laurel KentonVisual ITC: Face on Turned Off TV2 – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

(c)2004butler_man_with_dogVisual ITC: Man with Dog – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

Mirror effectVisual ITC: Mirrored Image – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

17E FUNNY MANVisual ITC: Troll – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC

c 3 man & woman with other faces for bookVisual ITC: Two Lovers – Study 4: Techniques – Visual ITC