Etheric Fields

Fields might be thought of as regions of influence which contain the information, matrix and ordering rules for specific aspects of reality. The generic term for this concept is etheric field; however, there are many subcategory terms used to facilitate definition of concepts involved in this cosmology.


Conceptually, a field represents a set of elements with related characteristics which are bound into a system by a common influence. With “etheric” as a generic term for the conceptual space of reality, it is useful to model reality as a single etheric field (reality field) expressed by a first cause or Source. The reality field is the top etheric field, from which all other fields have been derived via differentiation. In this way, the reality field has been differentiated as a hierarchy of nested etheric fields.

The fundamental characteristic of the etheric was once referred to as etheric energy in this cosmology, after further consideration, it became clear that “etheric field” is a better term. As will be shown here, an etheric field is very different from physical energy and has very different characteristics .


Etheric fields can be characterized as:

  • Nonlocal: Ubiquitous or everywhere at once. It may be correct to say that “everywhere is here.” This is a physical space perspective. In the etheric, movement is accomplished by changing one’s mind. See the nonlocal in the Transcommunication essay.
  • Homogenous: No apparent direction or intensity of propagation. Terms like wave and frequency have no meaning when discussing etheric fields. The physical concept of direction might be thought of in etheric terms as the influence of attention on visualized outcome.
  • Confined by Perceptual Agreement: “Movement” in etheric space is directed by intention, but limited by what a personality is able to visualize. This, in turn, is limited by perception which is moderated by the person’s worldview . Therefore, the ability to associate with any aspect of reality is seen to be limited by perception.
    A consequence of Perceptual Agreement is that for etheric fields, and especially life fields which “intend” the state of etheric fields, movement in the etheric is by changing perception. As such an etheric equivalent of physical propagation is the process of changing perception.
    In the context of etheric space, I am using “Mind Tensor” to signify how a life-field navigates amongst etheric fields. An analog for this is discussed in the Cosmology of Imaginary Space Essay. The Perceptual Loop is thought to be incapable of processing information that is very different that which is in worldview.
    This is the foundation of the Principle of Perceptual Agreement. This term is probably not in the science literature. According to the Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary. (2010), a tensor is a mathematical entity with components that change in a particular way in a transformation from one coordinate system to another. Tensors are becoming an important tool in the study of large-scale quantum fields.
  • Influenced by intentionality: Etheric fields are responsive to intention for the manifestation of intended order.
  • A precursor to objective reality: Physical energy and matter is seen as a result of the influence of intention on an etheric field. That is, physical energy and matter are expressions of life fields.

As modeled in the Implicit Cosmology, Source as the top life field, has expressed the rest of reality in the form of sub-life fields. These subfields are considered aspects of Source and  ideoplastic structures, all of which are the expression of intended order via the Creative Process.

Origin of an Etheric Field

The output of the Creative Process is referred to as expression and is basically the production of an effect via the intention to make an imagined outcome “real.” Here, “real” is as it is experienced by the creating personality. In effect, it is a determined change in the personality’s personal reality.

The concept of etheric fields is closely associated with the idea of intended order which is a characteristic of expression. That is, when you say something, you have first ordered your thoughts, selected the appropriate words and spoke with a tone and loudness that fit the situation. Doing so, you impressed order on the circumstance based on what you imagined and as you intended .

Etheric fields are also closely associated with the concept of aspectation. In that, a personality creates an aspect of itself to experience a specific venue for learning. Reality is modeled as being hierarchical of nested fields, in that there are many rounds of aspectation as mostly autonomous aspects seek to further refine the venue for learning. Aspects remain associated with their source by way of a thread of influence described as entanglement.


An important assumption of the Implicit Cosmology is that personality (the dominant governing intelligence in the avatar relationship) has experienced a path of evolution that is different from the path experienced by its entangled physical body, and it will continue its existence after the physical body dies. In the mind-body debate, this is the conclusion that mind preceded body and continues after the body ceases to host it in the physical. As such, the usual body-centric point of view is arguably invalid. A more correct view is what is referred to here as the Life Field-centric view.

Fields in the Form of …

The field concept is applied throughout the Implicit Cosmology essays, but usually as references to specific subcategories of fields. Here then, is a brief list of subcategories:

Etheric Field: Etheric fields are regions of reality that can be modeled as a node or nexus (attractor) associated with a set of related elements.

Reality Field: As stated above, reality is the body of Source. As such, Source as the top field, is considered the reality field in this cosmology. While there may be something outside of the reality field, the scope of this cosmology is limited to within the field.

Venue Field: In this model, any field that becomes a container for experience is considered a venue field. It inherits characteristics of the life field based on habit differentiated by intended outcome. A venue field may be as simple as imagined by a person to explore how it might be to drive a new car. See the Creative Process essay: Venue for Learning.

A venue may also be one developed by a collective. The physical universe is an aspect of the reality field. It has been differentiated as a subset of a personal reality held by one or a collective of personalities (life fields). While we have been taught to think of these things in the physical as objective, they are ideoplastic structures from the etheric perspective. This means that they are subject to the outcome of a personality’s Perceptual Loop. See: Basic Functional Areas for Perception Diagram above and the Perception Essay.

Life Fields: Life fields are expressions of Source and inherit their formative image (nature’s habits) and instincts (urge to gain understanding) from Source. Life fields are entangled with Source. They are etheric fields which have a personality as the experiencer, an intelligent core as a formative principle and a worldview representing their personal reality.

In the Hypothesis of Formative Causation, nature’s habit which guides a morphic field would be the worldview. The core intelligence of the morphic field would be that which manages perception and expression. The fields are nested, in that a human organism is formed as a hierarchy of life fields.  See the Functional Areas of a Life Field Diagram.Functional-Areas-of-a-Life-Field

Thoughtform: As a rudimentary etheric field, thoughtforms contain information about a specific subject. As an etheric field, they may be nested so that a transportation thoughtform, for instance, may contain information about all forms of transportation while a red wagon thoughtform would contain information specific to red wagons and would be a subset of the transportation thoughtform.

For perspective, elements of a thoughtform are not piled into a bundle as we have been taught to visualize physical fields. As sets of related concepts, they are entangled with a core concept (wagon, red wagon), but might originate anywhere in reality. The only rule for association appears to be perceptual agreement: although all related concepts would be attracted to the core concept, personality would only be able to access those it is able to perceive (comprehend). The elements of a thoughtform are nonlocal.

In a strict sense, all etheric fields are thoughtforms, but in a practical sense, there appears to be a difference in coherence between a thoughtform as a life field and one that is an ideoplastic expression of a life field. Functional areas of a life field are described as fields, etheric fields or functional areas. As an aspect of Source, a life field has a personality as experiencer and an intelligent core as a formative agent. Thoughtforms are modeled as an expression of a life field but not an aspect. As such, they depend on the continuing intention of one or more personality to exist.

Contact Field: can be considered a special case of entanglement producing a form of influence. The rapport of mutual cooperation amongst people builds what might be thought of as a contact field which is necessary for etheric to physical influences.

A contact field can also be thought of as a type of thoughtform which becomes entangled with a group of people. Such a thoughtform may support similar trans-etheric influences which otherwise required the entanglement of a personality-avatar relationship. In one form, this is seen in reportedly haunted places, but more generally, it is seen in churches and places often considered with reverence. As we learned in the ATransC, a distributed community is capable of building a contact field.

Spiritualist development circles can develop substantial contact fields by way of rapport amongst member sitters, focused intention and long-time association. It is thought that this accumulated field facilitates trans-etheric influences.

Intention Field: Expression of intention (intended outcome) is generally thought of as a thoughtform which acts as a formative influence for physical action (motion, voice), conscious thought or an ideoplastic structure. Intention fields persist as long as the personality maintains attention on the intended outcome. See the Creative Process Essay.

Potential Field: Events are accompanied by a probability signature referred to here as a potential field. In this concept, an event might exist in the etheric as a potential to occur. Each potential field represents the possible characteristics of an event, so that an event that has occurred may have been preceded by many potential fields representing different or optional potential outcomes.

Events are a product of the Creative Process and the potential field is characterized according to quality of attention, clarity of visualized outcome and extent of intention to make it so. The lifecycle model for an event begins with the inclination to do something. The actual decision to act may never come and the possible way to act may take many forms. Each possible way to act that emerges into the creative process is thought to produce a potential field. How far into the process the event progresses determines the influence of the potential field. See Potential Future in the Creative Process essay.

Psi Field: Psi is a place keeper term used in parapsychology for an as yet undefined characteristic of reality which is experienced as a media for propagation of intentionality. It is identified in such extraordinary human abilities as remote viewing and distant influence of intentionality.

While physical energy is local and time dependent, as defined in parapsychology, the psi field is experienced as being everywhere at the same time and also as being independent of time. The term, psi, is often used in the Implicit Cosmology as it is intended in parapsychology. It is modeled as interconnected etheric fields, each instance being associated with a life field’s perception.

Organizing Field: An organizing field is seen as the top formative field of an object of reality. If the object is a physical organism, then the morphic field model is used. If it is an ideoplastic structure, then it is seen as the field which maintains that structure as it is sustained by intention from a personality.

Organizing-Morphic-FieldThe morphic field concept depends on an interesting characteristic shown in the Organizing Morphic Field diagram (above). A morphic field for hair, for instance, may produce many different versions of hair. In this example, the five smaller clouds in the diagram represent morphic field for single instances of hair. The various shapes represent the types of hair the fields have the potential to produce. The single light, larger cloud represents an organizing field for, let us say, an arm. In the hierarchy of fields for an organism, the arm-organizing field selects the kind of hair intended for the arm based on the sub-field’s potential and nature’s habit for that organism.

The selection of form based on higher fields offers a way of linking of the concept of thoughtforms with organizing and morphic fields. They are conceptually the same because both are etheric in nature and both contain information associated with a specific aspect of reality. It is the hierarchical nature of fields and effect of  intended order that determines which potential in a field is to be realized.

Morphic Field: As defined in the Hypothesis of Formative Causation,* and in terms of transcommunication, morphic fields are etheric fields that directly influence physical processes to produce and maintain physical organisms such as plants, insects and people. In more generic terms, morphic fields are organizing fields. (Sheldrake, Rupert, Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields: An Introduction,

Terms for Morphic Fields

The concept of etheric field is influenced by the work of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake* who has proposed the Hypothesis of Formative Causation. Since this is likely a new concept for many readers, it is important that the new terms are understood as Sheldrake intends, so from Sheldrake’s Glossary:

Field: A region of physical influence. Fields interrelate and interconnect matter and energy within their realm of influence. Fields are not a form of matter; rather, matter is energy bound within fields. In current physics, several kinds of fundamental fields are recognized: the gravitational and electromagnetic fields and the matter fields of quantum physics. The hypothesis of formative causation broadens the concept of physical fields to include morphic fields as well as the known fields of physics.

Holon: A whole that can also be part of a larger whole. Holons are organized in multi-leveled, nested hierarchies or holarchies. This term, due to Arthur Koestler, is equivalent in meaning to morphic unit (q.v.).

Hypothesis of Formative Causation: The hypothesis that organisms or morphic units (q.v.) at all levels of complexity are organized by morphic fields, which are themselves influenced and stabilized by morphic resonance (q.v.) from all previous similar morphic units.

Morphic Field: A field within and around a morphic unit which organizes the unit’s characteristic structure and pattern of activity. Morphic fields underlie the form and behavior of holons or morphic units at all levels of complexity. The term morphic field includes morphogenetic, behavioral, social, cultural and mental fields. Morphic fields are shaped and stabilized by morphic resonance from previous similar morphic units, which were under the influence of fields of the same kind. They consequently contain a kind of cumulative memory and tend to become increasingly habitual. See: Etheric Field below

Hierarchy of Nested Fields

Navigating etheric space of the Implicit Cosmology will be easier if you understand the relationship amongst its components:

  • There is one source which is first cause, memory and purpose of reality.
  • Source is the top life field and all else are aspects of Source (sub-life fields), expressions of source and expressions of life fields.
  • Everything exists “within” Source. I put “within” in quotes because all of this is conceptual, here, meaning that reality is probably a singularity. For instance, my thoughts are entangled with my attention, and are therefore, conceptually within my attention field. The key here is that the source of entanglement is conceptually outside of that with which it is entangled.

The physical is experienced as objective but much of current thought points toward the acceptance that this objective nature is just how a conceptual aspect of reality is perceived by life fields.

“Perception” is a likely term (concept) used by discarnate personality in place objective.

  • A physical organism such as a human body exists as a nested hierarchy of etheric fields in a system identified as a life field. By convention, the outward or objective expression of this organism is experienced as objective.

An important visual construct for navigation is the idea that fields exist and that they usually have other fields entangled with them (within) them. Also, there is typically a one-to-many relationship amongst related fields so that top fields usually have many functional areas “within” them that are related but otherwise unique instances of life fields. These life fields inherit understanding and purpose from their source via entanglement.

This visualization works well for the relationship between our personality and our collective; however, it becomes difficult for physical-world organisms. A human body, for example, is modeled as the top field of the organism. “Within” the human top field is a hierarchy of nested subfields, so that for instance, there is a skin subfield “within” which is a collective of skin cell subfields. Avoiding a lesson in biology, within each skin cell is a set of functional areas commonly found in all cells plus a few specialty functional areas.

Using the terminology of this cosmology, when a cell reproduces itself, it is said to be differentiating itself to, in effect, produce an aspect of itself. The nested subfields in physical organisms are better understood as morphic fields (below). Rather than the worldview of a life field, morphic fields have a “nature’s habit” functional area. Other functional areas found in life field, such as the Attention Matrix and Perceptual Loop, likely have theory equivalent in morphic fields, but defining that model is currently beyond the scope of this cosmology.

Speaking in terms of chaos theory, the “top attractor” is Source which is also the top fractal of reality and top field which is the reality field. All etheric fields are aspect of Source and represent conceptual elements of reality such as memory, visualizations, differentiated aspects, expressions of intended outcomes and organizing fields.

Morphic Resonance: The influence of previous structures of activity on subsequent similar structures of activity organized by morphic fields. Through morphic resonance, formative causal influences pass through or across both space and time, and these influences are assumed not to fall off with distance in space or time, but they come only from the past. The greater the degree of similarity, the greater the influence of morphic resonance. In general, morphic units closely resemble themselves in the past and are subject to self-resonance from their own past states.

Morphic Unit: A unit of form or organization, such as an atom, molecule, crystal, cell, plant, animal, pattern of instinctive behavior, social group, element of culture, ecosystem, planet, planetary system, or galaxy. Morphic units are organized in nested hierarchies of units within units: a crystal, for example, contains molecules, which contain atoms, which contain electrons and nuclei, which contain nuclear particles, which contain quarks.

Ideoplastic Structures

The term, ideoplastic structure, was intended to be used for objects formed during a physical séance. For instance, a séance might begin with “spirit” lights and raps, and then things might move. Later, sitters might be touched or a demonstration might be given of a “spirit” hand covering a luminous plat. In some rare demonstrations, ectoplasm might be seen.

These darkroom séance phenomena are described as ideoplastic structures, because the medium, presumably with the unaware help of the sitters, embodies them into increasingly physical form. They cease to exist when the medium (his etheric control entity) removes attention on them.

In concept, the ideoplastic structures of the séance room and physical objects of our everyday physical universe are the same, the difference being the degree of intention applied to their formation and persistence of attention on them by their creator personality.

As the term is used in this cosmology, ideoplastic structures are normally thought structures, but they can become physical via the application of physical effort. For instance, an imagined birdhouse can be made very real in the mind of the person and would be considered a thoughtform.

If the person expresses the intention for the birdhouse to be real to the point that it is real in his or her mind, then it would be thought of as part of the person’s worldview or personal reality–an imagined birdhouse that would be called a delusion if the person physically acted as if it were real.

If the person applied physical effort to make the imagined birdhouse physically real, that is, if the person built it, then the ideoplastic structure would be thought of as a physical thing.

Limiting Association via Perceptual Agreement

The perceptual agreement describes how life fields are able to associate. In this concept, there is a natural process that organizes reality based on the degree of understanding represented by a life field’s intelligent core. That is, life fields are discrete units defined by their perception of reality; the nature of their worldview. As such, they are able to “gravitate” toward a common nexus with other life fields representing a similar perception of reality. This is the “Like Attracts Like” concept .

Using the Mandelbrot Set only as an illustration, all of the “Apple Man” fractals share general characteristics defined by the equation (the apple man shape) and occupy the same space defined by the equation; however, individual fractals are mathematically unique because of where in the space the equation places them. Think of the Apple man fractals as life field collectives. In the illustration, the collectives cannot associate one with the other. If an individual point in the set is thought of as a life field, then each is he in the “zone of influence” of a collective, and the only way a life field can experience a different collectives is to change its initial assumption (which variable is used for the calculation). To complete this analog, all of the set is attracted to the top collective (top apple man) which represents Source.

imaginary-spaceFunctional Areas of Etheric Fields

Etheric fields are modeled by functional areas. This is explained in detail in the Life Fields Essay. Processes and states are not modeled as fields but are controlled by fields. The Basic Functional Areas of Perception Diagram indicates the difference with a color key. For instance, the thread of entanglement amongst a hierarchy of life fields is an influence and not a field. For another example, the attraction amongst life fields with similar perception is an influence.

Sensing Reality

It is important to note that, as modeled in the Implicit Cosmology, a personality is only able to sense the physical via an avatar. A physical stimulus is translated into a nonphysical signal as an input to the Perceptual Loop. That process is mediated by worldview and what can be perceived by personality depends on the outcome of that process.

As discussed in the essay on perception, since the Perceptual Loop acts as a filter to restrict what becomes available to the conscious self, as well. Access to the “raw” psi and physical input becomes a question of the conscious self’s ability to “look deeper into” the unconscious mind. A person who demonstrates psychic ability is seen as one who is able to sense more of the Perceptual Loop process than the average person.

In this way, psychic ability is seen as the ability to access psi signature from other etheric fields, especially the worldview of life fields, and become consciously aware of the information. This is referred to as “anomalous access of information” in parapsychology. For instance, a remote viewer is seen as being able to access the psi signature of the place, but in the Implicit Cosmology, it is seen as more likely that the remote viewer is sensing the place as it is either being seen or as it is remembered by other personalities via their avatar.

Life Native to the Physical

It is difficult to say that the human exists just as an avatar for etheric personalities, and then to say that all life forms have an intelligent core in their top field. The collective model probably applies for all life forms, but is there a difference in the character of consciousness. We know that animals exhibit self-conscious behavior, clearly indicating that they are more than simply a collective mind, but there seems to be a difference in purpose.

The body consciousness is modeled in the Implicit Cosmology as being part of a collective, as well. The difference is that it is more of a collective as described in the Hypothesis of Formative Causation. In that a morphic field has access to a worldview-like database that is a collection of “Nature’s habits” for that family of closely related organisms. For the human, it represents how the human body has been made since its origin.

This is an area that needs much more consideration. It is important to know that there is nothing in the Trans-survival Hypothesis that argues it only applies to people. How it might apply to your loving pet is beyond my speculation at this time.Life-Field-Complex

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